Why shall I register to JUSTSEAFARERS?

When you sign up with JUSTSEAFARERS, you advertise yourself right away to the first maritime community platform that you may not have had the chance to do so previously. You are in control of your career. You’ll receive a resume that attracts the employer’s attention. It was thoroughly created by subject matter specialists who are aware of the specific requirements of marine personnel, making the recruiting process quick and simple wherever you are.

As soon as a job vacancy is posted ,you will start getting structured and well-presented applications from seafarers. Thus your crewing problem will begin unravelling, which is always high on the list of business issues within a shipping company. And we can make that happen inexpensively and efficiently, through the website’s unique features and competitive subscription plans. Furthermore, tailor-made crew assessment can be constructed while creating the job post, to assess and measure specific skill sets of seafarers and provide hard-to-obtain data for better decision-making while hiring, which translates into safer and more efficient operations at sea.