Seafaring career and the pandemic.

The last 2 years have been very challenging for the seafaring career. Seafarers were being forced to work beyond their contracts due the banning of crew changes by governments, but their endeavours to keep the industry running, despite their tiredness, raised their value and reputation in the shipping industry. Seafarers, undoubtedly, proved once more that they are vital components not only for the shipping but for the economy as well. On the other hand, the pandemic affected the recruitment and training of new generations to go to sea. As a result, the traditional problem of shortage of qualified sea crew, in parallel with the digitalisation and decarbonization on ships, will only exacerbate. To tackle this, seafarers must always remain at the heart of any policy making. Recently 8 amendments to the Maritime Labour Convention 2006, as amended, were agreed with the aim of improving the working conditions and living of seafarers. Those amendments will be presented into the upcoming International Labour Conference for approval. If approved they will enter into force by December 2024.